I have experience in the hospitality and entertainment industries

As a food photographer in southern California, I have been involved in different projects ranging from casual dining and interior restaurant architecture to more sophisticated environments. Being aware of the importance of nutrition and creative marketing and incorporating my natural abilities, have helped me to develop an eye for detail that is necessary in today’s highly competitive corporate market. I treat every project with the same importance and yours won’t be an exception.

I fully embrace the fact that excellent food photography is one of the keys to successful food marketing. I am confident I can make images that visually motivate customers and inspire confidence in products. My creativity is nurtured by a keen understanding of what the client needs to capture to tell the perfect story. I always thrive on creative collaboration and love the synergy that is the heart and soul of a successful photo shoot. Sharing that philosophy of artistic sensibility with the food designer is part of the consultation process with the client before the next project. Be prepared for some delicious photography.