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<h2>WILD BELLE (Chicago)</h2>
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Wild Belle is a young band from Chicago whose sound is highly influenced by African rhythms, it touches on pop delicately but stays away from generic formulas and even ventures into reggae which all work quite perfectly on any late afternoon. Their time slot was welcoming their sound as the festival grounds filled rapidly before my eyes to a total of 5,000. The band is composed of siblings Natalie and Elliot who are joined by a full band that includes even a saxophone. Natalie Bergman has an incredible stage presence that is full of melancholy as if her heart had just been demolished by a past love. Her expressions and body language are indicative of the passion she feels on stage which translates to a very organic connection with the crowd. You just love her when you see her, and when you hear her voice, you love her even more. Their sound however, is upbeat and full of harmony and rhythm to dance to. Wild Belle at Bahidora was a perfect welcome to the dimming natural light and moon rise.

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