Symbiosis Gathering 10 year Reunion will go down to be one of the best experiences on this type of setting. The most wonderful group of free spirited people enjoying life near the calm waters of the Woodward Reservoir to an eclectic selection of world renowned artists.

This community of likeminded individuals put together one of the most beautiful events I have ever witnessed. From the Alchemy village and its wellness seminars to the main vendor boulevard, the Hub and the surprises within, the art museum dome, art cars, art boats and all the meticulously crafted music stages, there was something for everyone to do at all times of the day and well into the night. Being bored was not an option and even as I felt exhaustion kicking in after hiking around for miles in near 100° weather, I found myself admiring some random performance or having a conversation with complete strangers on subjects unfamiliar to my imagination.

I refuse to single out a performance for this same reason. Everything was different and my opinion is simply just an opinion. My taste is subjective and the adjectives “best” or “worst” should not be used in any of this text.

The sense of community, the abundance of love and camaraderie and respect for each other will forever be in my memory as a significant factor for why an event like this is so important in our society. I will be back next year, if they decide to hold an event. If not, Symbiosis has already announced a gathering in 2017. The location is optimal for viewing the solar eclipse that year. It should be extra special.