On a beautiful, brisk sunny spring morning on March, 2013, Hot Natured Anabel Englund came down to Newport Beach for a little photo shoot, a chat and some delicious Peruvian food.

When she first arrived at my door step, which was fashionably 1.30 hours late, I couldn’t tell if she had too much sleep the night before or too little sleep. She seemed very relaxed when she stepped out of her car wearing what looked to me like 9 inch metal-green stilettos, silky booty shorts, a beige 3/4 length furry jacket and these big red 70’s sunglasses. Too Hollywood glam for this suburban hometown I thought, but it looked very sexy, I almost forgot we had wardrobe to work with.

By the time she had gathered her belongings and made her way to my front door, the stylists and make up artist had all joined me in the staring and although we were all excited to get started, we knew we had a diamond in the rough and not much time to polish it before we ran out of light on the Newport Beach harbor.

We didn’t have much time to waste so we jetted down to the harbor where a couple of middle aged men greeted us as we stepped into the yacht I had rented for the day. This 50 foot vintage beauty was docked just a few yards away from the Blue Water Grill at the end of the Lido Peninsula.

Makeup and hair took what felt like 3 hours, but finally at 2pm we were ready to start shooting…

After all was said and done, we left the dream boat and drove to Casa Inka where we picked up some delicious eats. Not to my surprise, Anabel had never tried this type of cuisine from the south American country of Peru. We ate, talked about family, her band mates and how it feels to become a recognized figure in this scene that we love.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. She likes it extra saucy and spicy. Dig it!