Consumer Products - Beverage
Highly Crafted using patent-pending nano-technology, New Frontier has a quick onset and mild euphoric effects which are different than other edibles.
I created original illustrations based on California culture. The idea behind the process was to come up with 3 different geographical areas (three flavors) and design characters that best represented those spaces.
Consumer Products - Chocolate
Chill Chocolate is a cannabis-infused, multiple award-winning brand of chocolate.
On this project, we wanted to incorporate some effects on the box that would give the impression of a chocolate swirl. The bottom of the boxes include a “sculpture dye” that contains seven different layers. These layers are felt to the touch and are clearly visible.
Other effects include a foil on all of the leafs on the logos and a Spot UV/Emboss on each logo and color treatment.
Belkin is an industry leader in electronic accessories.
Packaging design assignment in partnership with Apple for the Stage Scene Controller and Award-Winning Wifi Smart Plug.
Designed the iconography for the iPhone image with Apple’s approval.
Consumer Products - Gummies
Chill Chewies are the new line of gummies produced by industry-leading Chill Edibles .
We wanted to design a package that looked fun, dynamic and vibrant. I created the illustrations and overall design, including the Chewies typeface used on the packaging.
Consumer Products - Beverage
Wildly High is a fun, new way to consume cannabis. With an onset of 10 minutes or less, welcome your new bubbly bestie.
The idea here was to create fun and explosive illustrations that showed the fruit profile as the main focus.
It was important to make sure there was plenty of negative space to draw attention to the details but yet keeping the design interesting and fun.
Medical - Cannabis
Get Zen was originally conceived in 2014 as a company that manufactured cannabis-infused capsules. It quickly became a favorite among older patients looking to replace their prescriptions to a natural alternative for chronic pain relief, insomnia and anxiety.
The original design direction of the logo included the outline of a Ganesh. It was stripped down into a cleaner look later on during a redesign.
The color coding was later incorporated into the packaging. As seen here, the capsules with THC are coded green and so forth.
Consumer Products - CBD
Marley Natural is a brand of CBD and cannabis products that include beverages, topicals, flower, vape and other edibles.
I designed some POS materials for products to be placed on store shelves and other displays.
Health and Beauty - Topicals
Kush Queen is an industry-leading line of health and beauty products based in Orange County.
This project was a redesign of existing packaging. We wanted to create a system that was cohesive and on brand, but adding something extra to the product titles and color identifier .
Consumer Products - Lollipops

Chill’s award-winning products introduce a new way of medicating safely and accurately with Sweet Pops.

Using patent-pending nano technology, these suckers are guaranteed to start working within the first 10 minutes.

I lead the team in the development of illustrations, packaging design and execution from start to finish.

Electronics - Tech
Smart Home is one the industry-leading companies for home systems. From activating alarms to lighting up fireplaces and everything in between.
I was the lead designer for the new controller’s packaging design along with the DVD instructional brochure and label.